Sunday, 27 July 2014

Things I miss in Mexico

A friend told me that she gets jealous when reading my blog, so I decided to write a little bit about the downsides of Mexico and the things I don't like. Therefore, I made a list of things I miss here in Mexico:

- My bed
I can nearly sleep anywhere if I am just tired enough, but after some time of travelling you really start appreciating a room where nobody else talks, goes in and out whenever they like, bed and bedclothes you are used to and a bathroom inside so you don't need to put your shoes on to go there.

- Cats
There are dogs everywhere! I really like dogs but cats are just better and when there are that much dogs I just need as much cats to keep my balance. Until now I have seen about two cats in Mexico. It feals like a world without cats which can't be good.

- Cooking
I do enjoy eating out in a restaurant but not all the time. Also, when I am cooking for myself, I can prepare everything just as I like it best. And I really miss my spaghetti bolognese I normally eat about once or twice a week.

- Reading
Besides of my travel guide I didn't take any books with me which is very unusual. For normal I even take a book with me when I am going to Upper Austria just for 3 days. I don't know if I ever spent that much time without reading a single book. But this one is not that bad since I am very busy discovering beautiful places here in Mexico.

- People I know
Sometimes you just have some mini-issue you want to talk about or you see something you like. Then you need someone who knows you and knows why you are telling him this. Most of the time I really enjoy travelling alone because of all the people I meet and already met but sometimes communication is just easier with people you know.

- Speed Traps
It may sound strange but I really miss the radars on the street in Austria. Over here to control the speed they use speed bumps about every kilometer and they are really horrible. The car/bus has to slow down to about 10 km/h to pass the bump on the street and it still gives everyone in the car/bus a quick shake. Combined with some streets over here that are definitely not in the best condition, you sometimes feel more like riding a boat than riding a bus. And I do get seasick on boats.

- Trains
Since riding a bus is sometimes a quite adventurous experience for people like me who get sick when traveling too long or the bus shakes too much, I really started to appreciate the trains in Europe. In a train I just can chill out, read a book or sleep without needing to concentrate on not getting sick all the time (which I can't do on a car or bus).

- My shower
The shower in Puerto Escondido had no thermostat, so the motto was "you take what you get", which was pretty warm all the day and a little bit colder in the night, but still not cold enough for a refreshing cold shower. Here in San Cristobal they do have thermostats, but the water pressure is about as much as the pressure of a gentle rain. Sometimes I feel like the hot water doesn't even reach my feet.

- Drinkable water out of the tap
Nobody in Mexico drinks the water out of the tap because it just isn't healthy. This means you always have to think about buying some water somewhere before going anywhere. You always have to pay for it. Also, you collect lots of plastic bottles and have to look for some dustbin to throw them away. I will definitely not pay for bottled water anymore in Austria. We should really appreciate our clean water way more.

- Getting up late
I really love sleeping late and I do it everytime it's possible. But since I arrived in Mexico, the latest I got up was half past 8, which is not exactly my definition of sleeping late. Most of the time there was some reason I had to get up, like a tour or spanish school, but in Puerto Escondido I had the chance to get up later but it was way too hot to sleep after 8 a.m.

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