Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Today I arrived to Mérida after an overnight bustrip of 13 hours that endet up to be 15 hours. But for some reason I haven't figured out yet I did not get travel-sick at all so for the first time while doing an overnight bustrip I could really catch some sleep and arrived in Mérida without feeling completely wasted.

When I decided to do some sightseeing at noon I quickly had to realise that it's nearly impossible to just walk around and enjoy the city that time of the day. So I tried again in the evening and this time I was successful - that is also the reason why some of the photos might appear a little bit dark.

Mérida is rather different than San Cristobál. First, it is way hotter in Mérida. While in San Cristobál people are selling gloves on the street you can't even buy any jackets in Mérida anywhere. Also, San Cristobál is more traditional than Mérida. You won't find many people here that wear traditional garments. Therefore, traditional handmade stuff and souveniers are more expensive while casual clothes are way cheaper here in Mérida. Shirts are about 3 to 8 euros and pants are about 8 to 15 euros and they really look great. I already thought of renewing all my clothes over here, but unfortunately both my budged and the space of my backpack won't allow it.

Just like in every other mexican city, all the shops are open until at least 10 in the evening, which is quite refreshing, because like I wrote before, just walking along the streets before 7 in the evening is nearly impossible for someone who is not used to that temperatures like me without getting a sunstroke. But that does not mean that it gets colder in the night. Right now the time is 10 p.m., I am sitting outside and still longing for more ice-cold water which I would really love to pour over my head rather than drinking it. But I am sure I will get used to the heat since i will be staying in this climate zone for almost two weeks.

This picture was taken from directly in front of the hostel - it is located pretty central at the zocalo, the center of every city. The hostel is quite luxurious in comparison to the hostels I experienced earlier. There is a water supplier with both ice-cold and very hot water available for free, also the beds are not bunk beds but single beds (which is great because bunk beds always cause bumps on my head) and the water pressure of the shower is rather strong. Also I heard that the breakfast is excellent - I am looking forward to experiencing it tomorrow.

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