Monday, 21 July 2014

Puerto Escondido

In a 10 hour bus trip I headed to the pacific coast on saturday night with two irish girls I met in Oaxaca, Fiona and Laura. I must tell you that I really don't like long bus trips because I felt sick and could not sleep all the time. So on sunday morning we arrived at Puerto Escondido and nearly got a thermal shock. All the time here I feel like melting and when we relaxed on the beach, everytime the sun touched my legs my legs just felt like they were burning. It even feels hotter that it felt at the time of the heatwave last year in Austria.

The pacific ocean is really great. The waves are huge and pretty strong and the water is very clear even if the beaches are sand beaches and the sand muddies the water. There are lots of surfers here that enjoy the huge waves and it also feels great to swim with the waves. The ocean is also very warm and quite salty. After swimming, when I am dry again, it feels like I can just scratch the salt off my skin.

Today we got up at 6 a.m. so we could go on a boat tour to see some dolphins and turtles and we really were pretty successfull. There were plenty of dolphins everywhere and they even jumped out of the water the way dolphins seem to do it all the time according to postcards. I was told dolphins always travel in groups of about 10, so when you see one there will be some others around too. We also saw some turtles just swimming in the ocean and two of them that were just mating. For turtles, mating lasts about 2 hours and they don't seem to be easily disturbed while doing so.

Afterwards, when we were as far away from the coast as we could only see shapes of the mountains in the distance we could also jump off the boat and swim around. When diving, nobody of us saw anything but the deep blue ocean underneath us.

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