Saturday, 19 July 2014

Monte Albán

Since there might be someone reading this blog who doesn't understand german (like everyone I met in Mexico so far), I am now switching to writing in english. I am positive that everyone who is reading this blog understands english :)

Today I have been at the archeological site Monte Albán, a zapotecian city on the top of a mountain next to Oaxaca - and it was amazing. When I first entered the site, I felt like I just discovered Machu Picchu in Mexico. It was originally known in mixtecian language as Yucucúi, which means "green hill".

The city was inhabitated between about 1500 B.D. and 800 A.D. and most of the buildings were temples.To build their city the Zapotecs cut the top of the mountain. Besides of temples, they also had an astrologist building, where astrologists watched the stars and made predictions for the future. Furthermore, they had a kalender that worked through a column and the sun.

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