Wednesday, 18 July 2018


If you had told me half a year ago that I will be traveling to Iceland this summer, I would have laughed and asked why I would do that. I would have named many reasons against it like "too expensive", "too cold", "you have to start planning it way earlier". But still somehow I ended up here, spending my summer evening on vacation wearing my warmest sweather, going to bed early to catch the early bus tomorrow to the nationalpark. How did this happen?

When I was in Colombia for a semester abroad, a friend visited me to travel Colombia together for a month. This same friend will now start her exchange semester in an icelandic university. So of course I had to visit her. And the best time is either before the semester starts or after the semester ends. And since traveling Iceland in December is definitely an adventure but way (!) too cold for me, we decided to better travel together before semester starts in August. So here I am, because it's out of question I would visit her.

Another friend joined and so did her boyfriend and now we are on our roadtrip trough Iceland together, today being the first day. We started from Reykjavik airport and our first stops were severall waterfalls on the way. It is just magical - there is water coming out of the mountains everywhere, and behind each turn it seems like there is another glacier to be spotted. The colours are so different from home with all the black rocks and the light green moss. And on each spectacular sight you visit, you have to just go a little further and find a place even more spectacular.

Each hiking trail we find, I feel the tug to walk along and just take some days off, hiking along ths trail of this fascinating country. I am sure you could spend months here exploring the trails and still not be bored. Unfortunately we have to fit the whole country into two tight weeks. So we try to do some kind of best-of of the most iconic places. Let's see how this works out.

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