Monday, 28 July 2014

La Naturaleza de Chiapas

In the last few days I saw a lot of amazing stuff which I am going to summarize in one big post about the beautiful nature in the state of Chiapas.

First, i visited el Chiflón, a river with some waterfalls down the hill. We had two hours there and for some reason I really felt the urge to go on top of it. There were only stairs all the way up, and altought I have no idea how high i climbed, I can tell for sure it was way higher than the castle hill in Graz. Also, it took me about an hour to get on top. But the sight was beautiful and everytime i got near the waterfalls it felt like it was raining.

After that, we visited the lakes of Montebello, that are very close to the Guatemalean border. The water is clear as crystal and very warm. But I always thought: "We have that too in Austria. Why don't anyone organizes tours for tourists into the Salzkammergut?"

On the following day, I visited the cascades de agua azul ( = waterfalls of blue water), and I can only convince that the water is totally blue. I have never seen water in that colour before and I really didn't want to leave this place anymore. There was also the possibility to swim and the water was really cool and refreshing. Since I liked this place the most you get two photos of it :)

Then we visited Misol-Há, a waterfall like out of nowhere into a pool of water. All in all, there are plenty of waterfalls in Chiapas.

Later in Palenque, a place that gets its own post, I caught a little piece of nature hanging around on a tree.

And last but not least today I visited the canon the sumido, a canyon with rock hillsides on both sides that are about 1000 meters high. These protected area is part of a big natural park, therefore we could watch lots of birds, and also this guy that was just chilling in the sun.

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