Saturday, 14 February 2015

Going abroad again!

I decided I to reactivate my blog for my smaller trips this year - therefore I will keep you updated while I am in Istanbul next week and in Hamburg in March and in Katovice in April and in Lisbon in June. So there is pretty much to look forward, at least for me :) Furthermore, I am sure this won't be my only trips this year since I am already planning another bigger one. And same time next year I hopefully am already in Columbia to spend my semester abroad there.

Today I was pretty busy preparing for Istanbul. My brother, whom we are visiting in Istanbul, told me that we have to be cautious what we wear, because our skin should be covered. Since I found out I  don't own shirts that don't show any cleavage I had to buy some I can take with me. This was pretty hard because our fashion is not made for not showing any cleavage. Sure, there were shirts with high neckline, but most of them were either transparent or leave some gaps. There are moments when being a man would be so much easier, and this is one of them. Men could just wear their shirts they always wear and everything would be fine.

Let's see tomorrow what else is different in Istanbul than in Graz!

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