Monday, 16 February 2015

Impressions of Istanbul

Yesterday we arrived at Istanbul at 6 in the afternoon so all we had time for were some impressions of Istanbul at night. Stefan, by brother, picked us up at the airport and leaded us through the public transport of the city.

We also visited the shared flat Stefan lives and got an insight how people live in Istanbul. Like in every big city, it felt pretty narrow inside.

 Today, in the morning Elli and me visited a mosque near to our hostel.

Afterwards, we went to the Yildiz Tecnical University where Stefan studies and he showed us the campus. We hung out at the 8-bits-café at the mathematics faculty where all his colleagues meet to drink cay. They really enjoyed the chocolate (Mozartkugeln) imported from Austria and even a professor joined us to talk. We didn't get much of the table talks because nearly nobody here is able to speak english but Stefan did his best to translate everything for us.

The campus is really big (like bigger than all the universities in Graz together), to enter it there are even security-checks - and this one was only a smaller part of the whole university. In the evening we met some other friends of Stefan who cooked for us - we really had lots of impressions in less than two days.

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