Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Historical moment

When we got out of the hostel today it was sunny and warm, therefore a perfect day to visit the Gülhane Park next to the Topkapi Palace. After we walked about 5 mintes in one direction it started snowing a little - and
 just after a moment we suddenly where in the middle of a snowstorm. 

To hide from it, we fought our way to the Hagia Sofia, a mosque which was once built as a christian monumentum. That was also how it looked. There was no praying area with carpets that you are not allowed to step on with your shoes and no mosaics that are typical for all the mosques I have seen so far.

Still, the Hagia Sofia is one of the most popular mosques in Istanbul. When we got out, the snowstorm was not that bad anymore so we had an historical sight on the blue mosque in snow. We were told that the last 50 years there were only 3 winters where Istanbul had snow - and this time it was already the second snow-time this year.

The blue mosque is called blue mosque because the mosaics are mostly blue (and white and red) and this is pretty special. Also this mosque is really important, I heard there are only 3 mosques all over Turkey who have 6 minarets and only the one in Mekka has 8.

Afterwards, we walked around in the historic center looking for a shelter for the snowstorm and found really interesting places. We even found a stray dog that followed us for a while and stood by us everytime we stopped somewhere. But after some time he left us for some guy that actually had food for it.

Then in the afternoon we went to Europe's biggest shopping center with 6 floors. We also were told that there would be a roller coaster inside but we didn't find it even if we walked through all of the floors. Now my feet hurt really bad.

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