Monday, 11 August 2014

People I met

Now that my trip is almost over and I arrived at my last stop, again in Oaxaca (I already miss traveling) I decided to make a colourful map of the world to get an image of all the people I met.

With some of them I just talked a few words, with others I spent a day ore more (not with the Austrians and Germans - At home I have both Austrians and Germans, I don't need them when I am traveling). But I really enjoyed meeting every single person and everytime when talking I got some new impressions. I am glad of everyone I met. I would love to post some pictures of people but they were all taken from the other person and they promised to send it to me at the end of their travels, so it might still take some time until I get them.

Even if the part is not coloured, I also saw lots of Asian people, but they were mostly traveling in groups and therefore difficult to connect to.

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