Monday, 23 February 2015

Last Day in Istanbul

I came home yesterday and had no time to post earlier, but I still want to share a little bit about the last day in Istanbul and show you the photos. Also, I really want to share my experiences about the differences between Austria and Turkey and decided to do this in an extra post.

It was the first sunny day, so we seized the chance and took the ferry over the Marmara Sea. It's really great that it is more or less just another means of public transport, so it costs about 70 cents - way cheaper than any ferry in Austria. It gave us another opportunity to look at all the beautiful places we already have been when they were covered in snow. I found out that it was the snowiest winter they had for the last 25 years.

We used our time wisely and went up the Camlica, the biggest mountain on the asian side of Istanbul, about 270 meters high. When going up the streed was more or less a river bed for all the melted snow flowing downhill.

The Camlica was totally worth the hiking. The view was marvellous, we could look all over the city, the Bosporus and the Marmara Sea.

Also, they had really cute cats up there that were looking for attention (and food) - if I would live in Istanbul I would totally come up there every sunny day, enjoying the sun and feeding some cats. Unlike the cats in the inner city, they were really trusting. You will need some help getting up there but it is totally worth it!

We spent the evening in a rice house - a plate of rice and chicken for less than 2 € - I will totally miss the cheap food and the tasty rice!

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