Friday, 8 August 2014

Grand Cenote

Again, I spent a day at a Cenote. After ending up needing a taxi at some point of every daytrip so far in Tulúm I decided to take the bike to go to the Grand Cenote, that was about 6 km away of the hostel. Therefore I really wanted to get there early, so there will still be some shade on the streets. It did not make any difference for my sleeping habits because it was already too hot to sleep at 7. This time I was lucky to pick a bike without issues, so I even could drive a little faster without needing to fear that the chain falls off again.

My decision to get to the Cenote early was the best I could have made. Everything was nearly untouched, the surface of the water was waveless.

When I got into the water, there were fish swarms everywhere and I could just dive through them. There were even small turtles swimming in the cenote so I swam with the turtles.

The turtles and most of the fishes disappeared when all the tourists arrived at about noon, but there were still beautiful caves to swim into without any danger and the water temperature (24 °C) was quite refreshing. I will really miss the cenotes.

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