Sunday, 10 August 2014

Isla Mujeres

Yesterday I decided not to stayat the beach in Tulúm for another day but to go to Cancún early so I can do a daytrip to Isla Mujeres. I really couldn't just chill on the beach when there are still beautiful places out there that wait for me. Also, my skin didn't really like all the sun on the beach. Or maybe it just wanted to show my true self, which is probably a redskin.

So everybody I talked to about Isla Mujeres told my how beautiful it is and how important it is to go there. I was a bit sceptic because I could not imagine what could be so different from what I've already seen. But luckily I was also curious and so I took a ferry to Isla Mujeres today. The ferry arrived on the north part of the island, where I found the most yellow house I've ever seen.

So I took a bus (5 Pesos, which is about 30 cents - the cheapest bus I've ever taken) to the south part. And it was fantastic! It was like in Norway or Ireland, just with sun and warmth. It's the Ponte Sur, the south end of the island, were also some ruins were found with lot of female statues of the godess of the moon, love, fertility and medicine. That's why it was called Isla Mujeres. This point is also the most east part of Mexico.

Even the houses down in the south looked like a warmer Norway. It's like they split up the island - in the north the hotel and city part and in the south the nature part. And both parts were amazing (even if the south part was more beautiful).

The sea was as turquoise as anyone would expect from the caribbean coast. Since there was no beach on this part of the island the water was even clearer than anywhere else.

Again there were lots of iguanas, like this one that was (at least in my imagination) watching after its island.

I had the chance to watch a beautiful sunset on the Island when I got back at a beach in the north.

It was not as majestic as I hoped it would be but it was the first time I got to watch the sun "touching" the sea. It remembered me about the fact that I only have very few days left here in Mexico.

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