Wednesday, 6 August 2014


When I got up today, it was already too hot for me to do anything than relaxing in a hammock next to the pool in the hostel (I love hammocks! Especially outside, when there is some breeze of air cooling you down). At noon I finally convinced myself to get up and look for the collectivo, which is a kind of shuttle service, that was supposed to take me to the ruins of Coba, another mayan city.

It was quite difficult because the collectivo only goes there when it is full, but after waiting an hour in the heat, still nobody except me wanted to go to Coba. After that, they took just me to Coba, which is 50 km away from Tulúm upcountry. It was a pretty big areal and most of the ruins were in pretty bad shape.

My main target was to get up the gran pyramid because it is the biggest mayan pyramid and I was told the view would be great. The stairs were high and in quite unregular intervals. Therefore I really had to concentrate on my steps while chlimbing. But getting down was even harder. I endet up just sitting down on the stairs and taking one step after another - so just in case I can't fall deep - just slip down some stairs. While climbing I overheard a conversation between a guide and a family, and the guide told that people do fall down of the pyramid and 4 years ago they lost a kid because of this. But it's not as bad as in Chichen Itza where in total about 60 people fell.

But the view was worth it. I am absolutely sure no photo can show the beauty of the panoramic view on the top of the pyramid. I tried my best to catch the height as well as the jungle in the background. If you look closely you may be able to see the laguna of Cobe in the background. I don't know the guy but I thought he would be good for scale.

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