Saturday, 26 March 2016

Trip to Guatapé

The last day in Medellín we spent visiting a nearby town (2 hours drive by car) called Guatapé that is situated in the middle of one of the most stunning lakes I have seen until now at an altitude of about 1900m. There are many many islands and the water just fills up the spaces inbetween stretching really far.

To get a better view of the whole landscape there is a huge stone that seems like it was made for climbing and looking into the distance called "La Piedra de Peñol" and at the first sight it seemed impossible to get on top of it.

Fortunately, they built a staircase into the stone with more than 700 steps to get on the top viewpoint which we climbed on what seemed to be the hottest day of the month. They call it "the worlds most beautiful panorama" - I do not believe that but I guess it gets pretty close.

Again it is obvious that the lake suffered from the drought caused by el niño. This also allowed us to get carribean-like close-up-shots from the lake when driving around by boat and exposed beautiful beaches that else would be covered by water.

And even the town of Guatapé itself is a feast for the eyes. The whole town is pretty colourful, all the houses are decorated with different colours and patterns and every street seems more beautiful than the one before. It is just like I would like every town to look like.

I even got a souvenir from the visit to the town - a good sunburn to remember the beautiful sunny day on the lake. Really, everday I actually spend in the sun I end up red no matter how much sun protection I use because I always miss a spot or unknowingly wipe it off. I really hope that gets better soon. I am already quite tanned but in comparison to my friends here I am still a huge contrast (I love how the following picture reveals that).

After that day, we went back home to Ibagué in a long roadtrip and for now I am back to daily life at least until the next weekend.

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