Sunday, 19 April 2015

Going to Katovice

Today I arrived at Katovice in Poland, where I am staying until saturday for a project of my university. Therefore I will spend a lot of time working on the project and I won't have so much time to get cultural impressions. But I will do my best.

To get to Poland, a study colleague picked me up in Vienna and we took his car through Czech Republic. The whole drive only took 4,5 hours so it is not that far away. On the way we drove through Ostrava, a city near the polish border that is known for its steel industry. The highway was more or less built over the city so we had a nice look down on Ostrava. It is like the most industrial town I have ever seen. The whole skyline was filled with big chimneys and funnels of all the factories operating there with smoke coming out of some of them. In the center, we saw all the different factories next to each other. Around, there were those big panel buildings with lots of flats in them and a little bit farther around there were even small houses for j ust one family and some churches. It looks like the industry came first and then they made a city out of it. Not like all the beautiful towns you talk about where there was a castle first and then people moved next to the castle to be safe. It was really interesting to see because I always thought Linz was a really industrial city. This is like the last place I ever want to live.

Until now, Katovice is really nice. They do have those creepy buildings that have wood panels instead of windows or sometimes don't even have that just standing around near to the center but they also have a really nice downtown and everything is pretty cheap. I already met some people from other countries and we were out to eat and drink.On our way back to the hotel we saw the police and heard loud music coming from a building (that looked creepy as well). Turned out some .. movement occupied a flat there, putting up banners and seeking attention while wearing all black. For some reason, my photo of the scene got lost but I will add another one tomorrow.

The music was acually pretty cool, if you want to, I will put up a video in bad phone quality.

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