Wednesday, 22 April 2015

City of Katovice

I want to tell you a little bit about the city I am currently staying in. Katovice is in the south of Poland near to the Czech border and close to Krakau and Auschwitz. We are actually planning to visit both before leaving again. It is a city with a pretty big university, the University of Economy Katovice. This really makes a difference - because of all the students, the city gets pretty lively. Until now, I haven't seen the city center at daylight, but next to this beautiful church, there is the "party street" where you can eat at lots of restaurants in the daytime and have a drink in the nighttime. And for some reason, there is always somewhere to go, even on uncommon days for going out in the evening. And everything is pretty cheap. If you eat something expensive, it's about 5 Euro, for a drink you normally pay 2 Euros or for a Cocktail 3 Euros. I could get used to that prices.

Yesterday in the evening, we were not in the "party street" but in a pub a little outside and I must admit, it looked like a place where horror movies could take place. When you entered the small street, this was what you saw:

And the pub was around the corner, so we had to get into the darkness. Good thing we were not alone. The pub itself was actually pretty cool with really simple furniture.

On our way to the university where we are doing the project, we walk along this view:

I am not sure what they are, there are lots of them all over the city and I guess they are garages, because my grandparents have one like that except theirs is out of bricks and not out of panel sheets. Also, I guess their car is now too big for this garage.

But I also have to point out, the main building of the university we are currently working on our project is probably new and really well done. They have all the newest technology we don't even have on my FH or any other university in Graz I have been to. Everywhere around the Campus there are Couch corners to sit together or work on something and there are lots of big balconies to sit outside in the sun. All the newer buildings look a little bit like Limerick because there you see they are built out of bricks. All in all, it really looks like an ambitious region, but right now you can't forget that it was not always like that.

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