Saturday, 2 July 2016

Villa de Leyva

It has been already five days ago that Irina joined me for backpacking through Colombia. First we had a day in Bogota, where I have already been. But to tell the truth, Bogota is not so special. The best things to see are the museum of gold and the graffitis but else you are better off in smaller towns of Colombia. That's why we headed to Villa de Leyva next.

Villa de Leyva is exactly as someone would imagine a colonial town. All buildings were white, the doors and windows colourful and the town itself quite small, you could walk from one end to the other in half an hour. Especially popular is the huge main plaza in the middle of town, I don't exactly know why but they had a nice restaurant with great spanish live music.

What we didn't know when we came here was that very long time ago this part of Colombia used to be a part of the sea, which was the reason why nowadays lots of fossils can be found around the town and there are lots of archeological and paleonthological museums as well that show ancient fossils and informations about the topic. The most popular was definitely the sceleton of some kind of sea saurier that was just sooo huge!

It belonged to some kind of nightmare-penguin, telling from the looks they reconstructed. But then, there is no way to tell it was really black and white, so maybe it was more like a nightmare-crocodile. Nevertheless I wouldn't want to meet it in the ocean. But just the thought that they found sea fossils in the mountains on 2000m is quite stunning. And the surrounding nature was really beautiful as well.

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