Sunday, 3 July 2016


After Villa de Leyva, we spent a day as well in Barichara, a city often used for spanish movies or telenovelas and exactly as you would imagine any southamerican town! With those beautiful white houses with red roofs and cobblestones on the road, decorated with colourful flowers, you could only enjoy every single street to walk on.

Situated in the mountains next to a canyon of some river, we also had a really beautiful view over the area. From here we had the opportunity to do some short two-hour-hike to the next village on a path that was said to have been already used by the indigenous Guane people, but the trail was restored with stones that sometimes even contain fossils. You might remember, we are still in the same area than the last post where fossils can be found.

But we didn't just see dead animals, we could also watch lots of living animals as well. Like huge birds that we think to be eagles and lots of butterflies. But when just looking down one viewpoint we suddenly also discovered other animals we didn't know. If anybody knows what animal that is, please tell me. We are still guessing but we aren't even sure whether it's a pig, a guinea pig or just a huge rat.

From here, we took the nightbus to Santa Marta at the caribbean coast, so the next time I will be writing, it will be about the Caribbean! Since Irina got kind of sick, we are mostly relaxing and absorbing all the heat to gather all our energy for doing a multi-day hike into the rainforest. It's a little strange to be not just dependend on your own health but we are still doing well and I am already looking forward to write about our hike we can hopefully do soon!

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