Sunday, 21 June 2015


I really saw a lot of Lisbon by now, but since we are still spending one more day in Lisbon tomorrow, I decided to make a big post about it tomorrow or when I am back home. So today, we were in Sintra. Sintra is a town about 40 minutes away of Lisbon and the royal summer residence was there as well as a lot of other residences and palaces of other wealthy people. I read about it in my book "1000 places to see before you die" and that place was really worth the trip.

The first thing we visited was the castle. It was on the top of a mountain with really small streets up so the bus couldn:t take us very far, so we actually had to walk a little through the park that was all around the castle.

The castle was built in the tenth century, but they also found traces of the romans from earlier and even think that there are traces from the stone age. But the best thing about the castle was that you could nearly climb every tower and they were not so keen about security as they are in Austria. It was like a huge playground - a castle like you always imagined it to be when you were a child.

From over there we had a great view around and we could catch a glimpse of the villas and palaces on the same hill. They really were everywhere and we started dividing who wants to live in which villa and so on. But gladly I already knew where I wanted to live - when I first saw the picture I already fell in love with my future home. People who know me better know that I have a really detailled plan on how I want my dream home to be like. Today I found out I need to make some (a lot) adaptions because now I know how my dream home should look like.

The palace is known as Palacio da Pena and it is the most beautiful building I have ever seen. Not only they have these great colours everywhere, there are so many details everywhere. It was the palace of the kings and for some reason they knew how to make impressing palaces.

When walking around there were always so many eastereggs like corals on the wall or beautiful tiles on just the right places and so on.

We also went inside and the interior is just as colourful and detailled as the exterior.

Now I am absolutely sure I want to live there and I already made plans on how to use the rooms. I found out that I will probably have enough space there. And I can just recommend: If you like stunning buildings, you MUST visit Sintra!

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