Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Cataratas del Iguazu

I have always loved waterfalls. So when I first encountered a picture of Iguazu Falls I totally wanted to know what this place is and where I can find it. And after I started traveling outside Europe, I knew that some day I had to visit the seemingly most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen a photo of. But it seemed all distant until we started planning this trip. The probably most wonderful waterfalls of this world and I was going to see them!

I actually had no idea how huge they are. To see them all, you need three days to see all of it properly. And, lucky me, my travel companion was as eager to see the Iguazu Falls as me so we took all the three days and discovered any possible spot to look at the waterfalls, starting from the Brazilian side, then switching to the Argentinian side, walking every possible trail and even doing a boat tour. And it was totally worth it!

While we got the most beautiful pictures by walking the trails on the Argentinian side of the falls, everything else were definitely  experiences worth doing. I can't compare it to anything I have done until now, and I have seen quite a lot of waterfalls recently, like Plitvice lakes, Godafoss, Dettifoss, Gullfoss and many more in Iceland as well as the Niagara Falls in December, and this all was only in the last year. 

But nothing can compare to Iguazu Falls, they really are as wonderful as they are impressing. I mean just look at the photos! They are too beautiful to be real. As if they were photoshopped or copied from some travel magazine. Not like some snapshots from my phone camera, just uploaded in here directly afterwards. Really, this is probably the most impressing thing I have seen until now, I still look at the photos all the time, wondering how such a place could even exist.

To be fair, we were pretty lucky with the weather. We had sun, clear sky and clear blue water due to the low tide. Also, we had enough time to enjoy all of it without time pressure and we both are on the same page on what we want to see which makes the whole trip quite uncomplicated.

On the last day at the falls, when we already took all the stunning photos, we decided the day was dedicated to having fun. So we did a boat trip that was pretty cool because it actually brought us down below some waterfalls, like driving right under it. At first you think "I got this, my rainjacket can hold this water back", and then there is the Splash and as if somebody poured a whole pool of water over you, you are completely wet. And then the fun starts because then you stop caring about staying dry because there is nothing that can stay dry anymore.

After the boat tour, we walked one long trail about an hour to one waterfall further away from the others. There you could actually swim and climb below the waterfall, taking beautiful waterfall pictures or just letting the water rain down on you. I can just recommend, if you take the effort to go to Iguazu Falls, take your time there, there is so much more than just taking the one photo everybody has already taken! If it wasn't on another continent, I would totally come back soon.

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