Tuesday, 24 July 2018

West of Iceland

We arrived in the north of Iceland and we had to realize: It is freezing up here. Here we really have to wear everything we brought with us: scarf, gloves, all the warm jackets. Half the time it's raining as well so it's not just cold but also wet.

The good thing about the weather is that we normally tend to stay really long in one spot and then we are stressing to see everything we planned but right now there is plenty time to cook a decent meal at night or sleep in which is nice as well. So three days ago we visited a fjord where we were told lots of puffins live. And they really do!

So many puffins in just one spot! They only come here to brood so you can only watch them for a limited time of the year. And they are so cute! They are way smaller than expected and move a little bit like penguins. I also took a video, if you want to watch is you can ask me about it.

Afterwards we visited Dettifoss, the waterfall with the most amount of water of whole Europe as it is 100m wide and 40m deep. You can go there from two sides and we decided for the east side since we heard its the better photospot. What we did not expect were the 28km of gravel road to get there. Icelandic roads are just different. But there it was great! The whole area was perfect for practicing "the floor is lava" (for eventual later application), and again there was a smaller, even more beautiful waterfall just a little behind that gave a marvellous view on the whole canyon the river is in.

Then we were already heading to the next accommodation when out of nowhere this smoking mountain appeared. As we came closer, also the smell turned bad (like rotten eggs) and we decided we had to stop here and explore it. It was so cool! There was boiling mud and hot steam coming out of many holes of the mountain and the colours were so impressing!

We also hiked on top to get a view on all of it.

The next day started with a car breakdown. Fortunately it was only a flat tire and a car mechanic was really close so we could get it fixed. It was probably of the gravel road we were driving the day before. So then we visited a vulcanic lake that was so intensly blue you had to see it.

As the weather was bad we soon went on to the next spot that was at least partly indoors: a cave filled with naturally hot water that is like THE grotto. This is where one famous scene of Game of Thrones was shot. Unfortunately you can't bathe in the water as it is too hot right now. This the grotto I want for my dreamhouse. Exactly this one!

Also, this is the place where the eurasian and the american tectonic plates meet. You can just hop from one side to the other. We started to wonder how long it would take for the edges to drift further apart for one meter.

Then we just drove around the lake as it was so cold and wet everytime we left the car and we were just freezing. So we decided to hit the natural bath of Myvatn where the water is up to 40 degrees depending on where you are and the water is so blue it looks like photoshopped. Fun thing is that you can only move slowly and almost can't swim in the water. It is kinda weird to sit in the hot water while it is freezing outside. The rest of the evening was quite relaxed.

Today we started with sleeping in, fulfilling the wish of my travel companions of a big breakfast. Then we put on all the clothes we had (in the end I was wearing 4 layers of trousers) and went to Husavik for a unique whale watching experience. We were really lucky, we saw so many whales and some of them even jumped for us! Also here I have several videos, just ask me for it!

Then we visited the in my opinion most beautiful waterfall in Iceland, the Godafoss. It was falling down into a canyon and the water was just so blue. Again it was a different shade of blue we haven't seen before. Also you could climb to almost the point where the river starts falling and just chill out.

This waterfall started a discussion in the car which one of the waterfalls was the most beautiful until now. We couldn't get to a conclusion. But let's see, maybe we even spot a more beautiful one on our way on. It is so strange, there is still one week to go and I feel like being here for an eternity already, measuring on all the things we have seen and experienced. Nothing can compare to this country.

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