Thursday, 16 June 2016

Quilotoa Laguna

Yesterday I visited the most perfect crater lake of a vulcano ever! And I did my research, all the others are just not that perfectly round, don't have that perfect turquise colour in the sun or are simply not entirely inside a crater. Just look at it. The crater is huge, you need more than 5 hours just to walk around, it's on about 4000m and if you want to go down, you need half an hour, while getting up again might even take you two hours.

I absolutely wanted to go down, because, first, it was really really windy up on the top which made it quite cold and not really relaxing. You must know, when going somewhere, I always look for the perfect place - to read. I am kind of an addict, from arriving to Colombia until now I have read more than 30 books - I am SO glad I have an e-book-reader with all my books on it because else I would be lost. The criteria for finding the perfect reading spot are simple: I have to be comfortable without feeling cold or hot or being somehow disturbed, and when I look up I have to look at something stunning.

It was a sunny day, therefore the perfect conditions for finding a good reading spot, only the wind was somehow a problem, which was one of the main reasons I wanted to go down to the shore of the lake. The only problem I didn't consider was that when going up a mountain, first there is normally something I want to reach up on top so therefore a good motivation. Second, if I am tired, I can turn around anywhere and just go down again. That didn't work, because I had to go down first, and then up again.

And even while I knew it's half an hour down, I was still surprised it was such a long way and that was when I first considered if it might not have been better just to stay on top. Furthermore, I didn't really have much time because they told me the last bus goes quite early and the bus took (again) longer than they estimated to get there. And I met a girl that just spoke spanish with me, which was quite rare to find here because most of the tourists just speak english and I really need to keep practicing my spanish, and she didn't want to go down to the shore because she considered two hours climb too much at 4000m.

Also, she told me she always gets headache when getting into higher altitudes - which is exactly the same problem I am facing. But all of that wouldn't keep me from exploring. If there's somewhere I haven't already been, and I can reach it, why should I stop? And how can I find the perfect reading spot if not through looking for it?

To tell the truth, it was still quite cold down there, but I did really enjoy the silence and the beautiful water of the lake. You could even rent a boat and go paddling around in the lake. There were some really friendly dogs that I decided chilling next to the lake is really the best you can do and accompanied me while I was reading my book. Unfortunately, there was really little time and I was kind of worried I would need too much time up - which was completely wrong, because I made it up in a little bit more than an hour. But I enjoyed every minute reading down at the lake. And as soon as I found the perfect reading spot I will tell you!

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