Wednesday, 5 August 2015


First I want to say, sorry for having such a huge gap between Tallinn and Riga, but I had some technical problems which seem to be solved now. Also, if you want to, I added a function where you can receive a mail as soon as I post something new, so if you are interested, just sign up! Who knows where I am going next ;)

Klaipeda is the third biggest city of Lithuania and more or less the "door to the Curonian Split". Inside the city itself there is actually little to see. I spend some time in the sculpture park with some weird sculptures just in the middle of trees, and even more time in the very small old town with one popular square in front of the theater, a place where a fort used to be which is now a park and a really nice alley with lots of different restaurants.

What was really worth the trip was the visit on the Curonian Split. Like the hostel recommended, I rented a biketook it to Nida, the village at the russian border, by bus. From there I cycled all the way back, which is about 50 km. But first, I visited the really high dunes just in the south of Nida. The top of the highest dune is 52 meters above sea level, so it is definitiely not just a part of a beach.

Then I started cycling back the path just as long until I reached a beach. I passed a lot of very cute buildings, but unfortunately I did not take a picture because it was midday heat and I really didn't want to stop. Furthermore I didn't bring enough water with me, so at some point I was just looking where I could buy something to drink and not what to see. But luckily I found water as well as a very beautiful beach.

The beach goes down all the way of at least the lithuanian side of the Corunian Split so it never gets crowded. And the sand is so soft like I haven't seen anywhere else in Europe. The water was quite cold but just as refreshing as it should be after a bike ride.

All in all, I really think this is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been, and definitely the best sand beach in whole Europe. And if you are here by bike you are free to choose which part of the 52 km long beach you want to enjoy, depending on how long you want to go there.

The bike trail itself was really nice and there was no way to get lost. It gave me the opportunity to see all of the beautiful nature as well as the nice villages on my own. Especially the forests are quite great, there is
moss everywhere on the ground, and you can see that underneath is not earth but sand.

It was definitely the best decision to discover the peninsula by bike!

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